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8 December 2023

Jolly Elf Bingo at Hoar Cross Care Home!

The spirit of Christmas embraced us today as we indulged in an exciting game of Elf bingo at Hoar Cross Care Home! Laughter filled the air as residents and staff joined in the festive bingo game. Everyone had a fantastic time dabbing away on their bingo cards, hoping to win delightful prizes.

The lucky winners were rewarded with their very own charming Elf, bringing an extra sprinkle of magic to their day, or a selection of delicious chocolates. The joy and excitement of the game spread smiles across the room, creating a cheerful atmosphere filled with camaraderie and festive spirit.

It was a heartwarming event that reminded us all of the joy in simple pleasures and the wonderful camaraderie shared within our community. Cheers to many more festive moments ahead!