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We think you'll find the care at Hoar Cross is outstanding, but we're biased! So please don't just take our word for it. Below you'll find reviews from the people who really know what life at Hoar Cross is like - our lovely residents and their families.

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The care he has received has been exemplary, kind and tender

Elizabeth S Daughter of Resident

Our father was a resident of Hoar Cross nursing home for four and a half years. The care he has received has been exemplary, kind and tender.

As he reached the end of his life, and a life extended well beyond our expectations, he was given palliative care, without exception he was cared for with gentleness and dignity. As relatives we also received great support, emotional and physical. I cannot express the gratitude I feel for this nursing home.

The staff worked beyond their hours to ease the death of my father. Thank you.

Within two weeks of him being at Hoar Cross he felt safe, secure and cared for

Sally M Sister of Resident

From when my brother and I stepped into Hoar Cross Nursing Home we knew it was the right place, being welcomed warmly by a familiar face.

My brother was anxious about his illness but within two weeks of him being at Hoar Cross he felt safe, secure and cared for, even starting to gain weight. The staff at Hoar Cross are exceptional and put much time and effort into supporting and caring for my brother, including the choice and quality of food, nursing and managing medication and helping him be as well dressed and cared for as always.

He was offered choices, felt in control of his life and was gently encouraged to try new things on offer at the Home. He built a relationship of trust with the team and responded well. I visited every day and was made to feel totally welcome and part of his life. Indeed as my brother’s illness progressed the level of support given to both of us was beyond expectation.

Hoar Cross is a wonderful environment, in a lovely location and staffed by an exceptional team.

I am extremely impressed with the level of care for my husband

L H Wife of Resident

I am extremely impressed with the level of care for my husband. He is on end of life care. With the help of managers, he has been moved closer to home, friends and family.

He is treated with dignity and love and help given to improve pain management and control his seizures. Hoar Cross Nursing Home is like a dream come true, for my husband to die in surrounds which are beautiful and to be cared for like he deserves.

I cannot find any faults with the place.

Her care can only be classed as beyond excellent

A S Daughter of Resident

When you hand over the care of someone who is so important to you it is the most difficult time in your life.

The staff at Hoar Cross Nursing Home made this transition as easy as it could ever be. They have taken the time to really know mum and her care can only be classed as beyond excellent.

I have total confidence that mum is cared for and loved.

Very approachable and very caring staff

A W Daughter of Resident

Very approachable and very caring staff. They treat residents with much dignity.

A wide variety of activities. Friendly staff, try their best to make it 'home from home'.

Mum is less anxious since moving here

M F Daughter of Resident

We found looking for a care home for Mother extremely stressful. The care she was shown on assessment and admission allayed our fears. This care has continued.

The atmosphere at Hoar Cross is like a "home from home" not an institution. The residents are in a happy, caring environment and are treated with dignity and respect. The family can visit at any time and is also made to feel very welcome and part of the care. Any queries or requests are dealt with promptly.

As her needs have changed she has been given appropriate individual care. The rooms, lounge and dining room are light and airy and have views over the countryside and a large garden which sets a happy mood. The home also organizes visits from singers and a number of activities on a regular basis.

Mum is less anxious since moving here and enjoys the "social" environment. She has her hair done regularly and is always well dressed. She says that the staff and food are lovely - which is very reassuring for us.

I would highly recommend Hoar Cross Nursing Home

S H Daughter of resident

I would highly recommend Hoar Cross Nursing Home.

My mother is being very well looked after there and has been for 2 years. The staff and nurses are so friendly to the residents and to their families and friends when they visit, they treat my mother with respect too.

The food is excellent and they have a very varied menu with good, old-fashioned food.

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