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20 November 2023

Heartwarming Moments: Welcoming Raya to Our Home

Today brought a delightful visitor to our home – the adorable Raya! Initially a bit bashful, Raya quickly warmed up to the welcoming hands and affectionate pats from our residents. Gentle neck rubs and tender ear tickles eased Raya’s initial shyness, and soon, her playful spirit shone through. Laughter and smiles filled the room as […]

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11 August 2023

Spreading Joy: Heartwarming Visit from Maggie and Becky

Maggie and Becky, the wonderful souls who brighten our days with their visits, graced us with their presence once again. Their arrival was met with smiles and open arms, as we shared stories and laughter. To express our gratitude, we presented Maggie with a small token of appreciation. Their visits are a testament to the […]

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19 July 2023

A Beautiful Donation in Honor of Beloved Phyllis

Today, we were overwhelmed with gratitude as we received a thoughtful donation—a coffee machine and other delightful goodies. This generous gift, given in honour of our cherished Phyllis, who touched our hearts with her care and kindness, fills our spirits with warmth. Her memory lives on, and we thank the donor for their love and […]

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22 June 2023

Maggie’s Visit

We couldn’t contain our excitement as our beloved Labrador, Maggie, paid us another visit. Her wagging tail and slobbery licks instantly filled our hearts with joy and love. Spending time with her reminded us of the purest form of happiness—unconditional love from a furry friend. Maggie’s presence brightened our day, leaving us grateful for the […]

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