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Give them the gift of safe, understanding and endlessly patient care at Hoar Cross

Choosing a care home for your loved one, especially when they have dementia, can be difficult. The best way to assess if a home is right for your loved one is to visit and get a feel for the atmosphere, see how well the residents are treated, and what the staff are like with them.

We'd love you to come and visit Hoar Cross to see how we measure up. You're very welcome to call in anytime. In the meantime we've listed below answers to some of the questions you may have. If there's anything we've missed please feel free to call us on 01283 248716.

Will you be able to cope with my loved one's dementia?

Hoar Cross is not a specialist dementia unit for people who are exhibiting violent, disruptive or aggressive behaviour. If this describes your loved one we recommend you seek specialist help.

For most people who are living with dementia this is not the case and Hoar Cross will be a great choice. It is primarily a luxury residential care home that has the expertise in dealing with dementia for those residents who develop it as they get older, or those who simply can no longer cope effectively at home.

We recognise that excellent care for your loved one is as much about them enjoying life and looking forward to the days ahead as it is them being in an environment where fun, laughter and friendship are encouraged, promoting their physical and emotional well-being.  

They will be supported to participate in as many of the many social activities as they choose or are able to and our well organised and scheduled activities programme, alongside Hoar Cross's beautiful setting, will help create the right balance for them. 

If you are unsure of whether Hoar Cross is the right care home to accommodate your loved one's needs please feel free to call the Home Manger on 01283 248716 for a confidential chat.

How do I know they will be well looked after?

We feel the best people to tell you the sort of care your loved one will receive at Hoar Cross are those who have experienced it. So, here's what just a few of our many grateful families have to say about their loved one's stay here.

Within two weeks of him being at Hoar Cross he felt safe, secure and cared for

Sally M Sister of Resident

From when my brother and I stepped into Hoar Cross Nursing Home we knew it was the right place, being welcomed warmly by a familiar face.

My brother was anxious about his illness but within two weeks of him being at Hoar Cross he felt safe, secure and cared for, even starting to gain weight. The staff at Hoar Cross are exceptional and put much time and effort into supporting and caring for my brother, including the choice and quality of food, nursing and managing medication and helping him be as well dressed and cared for as always.

He was offered choices, felt in control of his life and was gently encouraged to try new things on offer at the Home. He built a relationship of trust with the team and responded well. I visited every day and was made to feel totally welcome and part of his life. Indeed as my brother’s illness progressed the level of support given to both of us was beyond expectation.

Hoar Cross is a wonderful environment, in a lovely location and staffed by an exceptional team.

Her care can only be classed as beyond excellent

A S Daughter of Resident

When you hand over the care of someone who is so important to you it is the most difficult time in your life.

The staff at Hoar Cross Nursing Home made this transition as easy as it could ever be. They have taken the time to really know mum and her care can only be classed as beyond excellent.

I have total confidence that mum is cared for and loved.

Mum is less anxious since moving here

M F Daughter of Resident

We found looking for a care home for Mother extremely stressful. The care she was shown on assessment and admission allayed our fears. This care has continued.

The atmosphere at Hoar Cross is like a "home from home" not an institution. The residents are in a happy, caring environment and are treated with dignity and respect. The family can visit at any time and is also made to feel very welcome and part of the care. Any queries or requests are dealt with promptly.

As her needs have changed she has been given appropriate individual care. The rooms, lounge and dining room are light and airy and have views over the countryside and a large garden which sets a happy mood. The home also organizes visits from singers and a number of activities on a regular basis.

Mum is less anxious since moving here and enjoys the "social" environment. She has her hair done regularly and is always well dressed. She says that the staff and food are lovely - which is very reassuring for us.

What will their room be like?

Your Loved One's Room Will Be Tastefully Decorated, Well Appointed & Dementia Friendly

Your loved one's room will be extremely well appointed and tastefully decorated to the highest standard.

However, it's really important that someone who is living with dementia has familiar surroundings so they feel calm and relaxed. So, we'd love you to bring their own ornaments, treasured mementos and small furniture items to make their room their own. We'll even re-decorate it in line with their home decor to truly make it feel like home, if you'd like.

All rooms are large and flooded with light, both natural and artificial.  This light and airy feel contributes to a feeling of calm, as does the view of the beautiful landscaped gardens that surround the home.

Who will be looking after them?

We believe the best team in the region! You can meet them all here.

Conveying the depth of care and expertise provided at a care home is difficult. After all, everyone says they have brilliant care. We truly believe you'll find the care your loved one experiences at Hoar Cross is the very best available. Here are a few things we hope will demonstrate that.

CQC Rating. Each care home is rated by the CQC, Government's inspection body and given a rating of Inadequate, Requires Improvement, Good or Outstanding. Hoar Cross is rated as Good.

Transformations. A comment we often get when someone has moved in and experienced at first hand the great life they now enjoy here is 'I wish I'd done it much sooner!

Reviews. The people who really know how good the care is are our residents and their families. At the time of writing Hoar Cross has an excellent 9.4 out of 10 rating from the reviews left on That's an excellent overall satisfaction rating and one of the highest in the area. 

Our Facebook and blog pages.  Everyone says they provide brilliant care but how do you know it's true.  We have lots of activities and events at Hoar Cross which are published on our blog and Facebook page so that our resident's families can see what's happening with their loved one and get involved in the community surrounding the home.

Please feel free to check out our Facebook page here to see what a great life our residents enjoy. And while you're there why not Like the page to join the community. We'd love to hear from you! 

But don't just take our word for it. We have an open door policy and you're more than welcome to chat with existing residents and their families for a first-hand account of the exceptionally high quality care your loved one will experience here.

What to do now

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