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31 May 2019

Giving elderly people a new lease of life

Don’t let the press scare you – residential care homes are centres of excellence in elderly care

The current crisis in the care system, so well publicised in the media at present, can make the position look grim. Believe every story you read and you could easily be forgiven for never wanting to set foot in a care home ever again. But this would be to do the many skilled, and highly dedicated, people who work in the care industry a major injustice.

Good quality residential care from a well-managed provider who has invested both time and money into developing personalised care models, based upon sound research and established good practice, can significantly improve the quality of life for both the patient AND their family.

Well designed residential care homes can tackle isolation and boost independence for older people.

Specialist care homes that have been designed and decorated with the needs of people living with dementia in mind can provide a much safer and more stimulating environment than that of an individual’s own home.

Accessibility aids (such as lifts to upper storeys, or adapted bathrooms) and specialist decorating techniques (such as strongly contrasting colours to make pathways clearer, or specific task lighting) can make both the building itself and the equipment within it more accessible, and offer new opportunities for social engagement.

Residential care can provide stimulation, and enhance wellbeing.

Well organised care homes will provide a whole range of activities, memory aids, and group therapies simply not available to an individual in their own home. Removing the boredom and isolation faced by so many older people living alone, a lively care home environment can provide opportunities for stimulation and engagement to help people enjoy their days.

Support for family members

And the benefits are not reserved for the older person alone. Relieved of the stress and strain of providing constant physical care, family members are once again free to enjoy quality time with their loved one, engaging with them in activities and reminiscence, and  creating precious memories together.

Good quality residential care is out there, so don’t despair!

It’s a sad fact that the many care homes out there providing outstanding, compassionate care day in, day out, simply don’t attract the attention of the media. That’s a real shame. So don’t allow those shocking headlines of neglect or abuse put you off.  Do your research, plan ahead, and you’ll find the perfect care home for you.

Hoar Cross Care Home is an exclusive residential and nursing care home in a beautiful and tranquil countryside setting at Hoar Cross in Staffordshire. We offer a warm, stimulating and supportive environment for residents and their families in a home from home setting where quality of life is paramount.
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